Monday, February 21, 2011

New Computer!!

A couple weeks ago, we got a Mac computer! We have been having TONS of fun on the photo booth. Here is some pictures.
I have to say, I think I look pretty cute in these pictures!

I went to Paris a month ago.......
Do you see any teeth???
Ayla's face in this looks so funny! I love the eyes!
Funny little Andie!
Cute Avree. (You can't tell how cute she really is in these pictures!)

Lisa, Ayla, and Me! Lisa is SO much fun to be with.
I think that I look like the cat on Alice in Wonderland in this pic.

See the pink in my hair? I did that at a birthday party. Too bad it washed out. :(

Alli and me. Alli+Me= CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Ashley and me before a dance performance.
My friend Mazie and me. We are so weird!

This picture, and the one below it, have to be some of my favorites of Ayla!

Here is my dad! My mom hasn't taken any pictures on here.

Me and Avree...
Nathan and Ayla.

All of the kids.


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  2. Haha thats so cute!!!! vie done like no posts on my blog lately! But i changed a lot of things on it and i'm really exited! :) Nice pic of u and me! ;)